Friday, September 9, 2011

Future days for the website

Usually, I take the time in the blog to tell you things about our material. This time, I'm diverging from the norm a bit. I'd like to tell you some things about our website, and what you can expect from it in the future.

We have been somewhat aggressive in keeping our website as low-tech as possible, mainly because we have a deep-seated fear of complexity. To us, browsing the website should be a fun trip into a world we all enjoy, not a slog through an incomprehensible technological nightmare. This means no drop-down menus, and a cap on the number of items on the site at once. It means a website visitor can't see our entire inventory, but it also means that they can make it through everything they want to see without a bathroom break in the middle.

But, time marches on, and there are things we want to do with our website that require (gasp!) increased complexity. One of those things will involve videos, where we can speak directly to viewers and use some of our pieces to illustrate our points. We can hopefully do this without too much website revamping, and it should be ready to go in the next two or three months.

If you have any thoughts on the direction you would like the website to take, or any other features you would like us to include, please drop us a line any time. I don't think a streaming video feed from the gallery is in the cards, because nobody really wants to see what is going on there at two in the morning, but just about anything else is up for discussion.