Friday, September 9, 2016

What's Hot in Santa Fe

Like any other area of collection, the market for American Indian Art has its "hot" areas. Serious collectors will usually stick to their area of interest (or obsession, as the case may be) but the more casual collector can be influenced by what is considered to be popular. And this year, there was a clear winner in that category:

Good turquoise.

Not the types of turquoise that everyone considers top of the line, like great Lone Mountain, #8, Landers and Bisbee. Though those remain very popular, the hottest area of collecting was the turquoise in the next level, like Blue Gem, Kingman, Morenci, Royston and the Mountains (Indian and Red). Very fine stones all, but pricewise a notch below the most expensive stones, and therefore a good value. Most pieces with these stones do not have great age, since those mines were generally not open before 1930, but it is the quality and vibrancy of the stones that is the appeal.