Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Future of TMT

Most of you probably know that Tom Begner, one of the co-founders of Turkey Mountain Traders, died peacefully in his sleep recently. He left behind Deborah, his wife of 49 years; his children Steve and Allison; their spouses Diana and Jonathan; and his grandchildren Evan, Joshua and Christopher. He also left behind a lifetime of friends and good memories, and a company that will move on without him but will never replace him.

Turkey Mountain Traders will continue on, with Steve and Deborah doing what they have done for the last twenty years. In addition, Steve's wife Diana will be a full-time part of the company starting in June. Those of you who have become used to seeing a trio of Begners in Santa Fe and at other major shows will notice a change only in that one of them will be much prettier than before.

We hope that our old friends and clients will continue to come to us for the finest old American Indian art and jewelry available, and we look forward to meeting all the new people who come our way.